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Dear Parents and Community Members:

Wow!  What an amazing opportunity we have ahead of us!  I am thrilled to join this team as the Regional Executive Director of the EAGLE College Prep schools in Arizona and the larger Open Sky family.  Personally, I see this as an opportunity of a lifetime.  It presents a compelling challenge to continue the great work already started and position the EAGLE network for sustained success well into the future.  

Educators have been carrying a heavy load the last few years.  We are strong by nature and determined to give everything we have to the mission and to the children that we serve.  My heroes have always been educators and I am excited to join a group of talented and persistent teachers, leaders, and support staff to ensure that more children in Arizona and across the country have vibrant school communities.

As you get to know me, two things will become obvious: I get excited about big challenges and find joy in hard work.  I am guided by principles of curiosity, collaboration, and conviction.  I believe that by creating more healthy schools, we can create a more healthy world.  In doing so, we help children become more engaged, compassionate citizens in the world.     

Every day we have on this earth is a gift.  My feet hit the floor every morning with excitement to serve others and to maximize every minute that I have to be my best self and try to bring out the best in others.  Whether I am on campus with students, out on the trail training for my next race, or spending time with my family and friends, my goals are the same: be where my feet are, do the best I can, and give everything I have to others.  I don’t always get it right, but I always give it 100%.  My commitment to you and the families we serve will bring that same spirit to the team every day.  

Our jobs are hard.  That is true.  What is also true is that our students and families depend on us and we can’t let them down.  It is also true that we are the beneficiaries of joy, witness to struggle and triumph, and architects of the future.  That is a tremendous and awesome responsibility.  As a network of schools, we have made promises to children, and promises to children are sacred.   

I am thrilled to be doing this work with you and excited to get started!  Please feel free to reach out by email or text and say hello!

Jeremy Jones, Executive Director