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Why Parents Choose EAGLE

Over a Decade of Excellence

Parents choose EAGLE College Preparatory Schools because they want the best for their children. They choose EAGLE because they know that we guide today’s scholars into becoming tomorrow’s leaders.

Our schools are designed to set students on the path to lifelong success, starting by preparing them for post secondary education and servant leadership. Each child’s success depends on us, and we are confident that we can teach all children who are willing to put in the effort to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed.

With over a decade of experience offering academic success to children, parents just like you trust EAGLE College Prep.

Why EAGLE is Perfect for Your Child.


You want your child to soar. So do we. Your child will be supported and challenged academically.

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Our Curriculum


We offer a civic-based journey that equips scholars to develop Identity, Purpose, and Actions that are intentionally aligned to serve a Greater Purpose.

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Character Formation Project


We hire outstanding and committed teachers. Our teachers are dedicated to the success of their students and care for their students’ personal and academic growth.

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Join Our Team

Why Character?

Character is an internal energy that inspires us to act, restrains us from acting, and gives us the wisdom or moral compass to know when each action is appropriate. Our character drives everything we do in life. When character is acquired and held internally, it leads to a virtuous life, lived for a Greater Purpose.

We’re more than just numbers. Our data is more than lines on a graph, or figures on a spreadsheet. Every statistic is a story of hard work, long nights and endless love from a teacher, a parent, and a student.